Turkish Mawlid Candy

A wonderful taste from the past: Turkish Mawlid Candy…

Turkish Mevlut Candies are of great importance, being the most important part of the Turkish tradition. Because in the old years, mevlut candies were used to serve the guests in . This tradition continues today.

Preferring Mevlüt sugars to be given with the use of Kullah (cone) is both easy and to prevent future contamination. Since it is in Kullah (cone), the probability of spillage decreases to at least 10%.

In addition to these, you leave a distinct mark on your guests that you serve as they do not only contain the mevlut sugar in the shape of the mevlut candies. Generally, the shape of traditional Turkish Mawlid Candy is a 3-dimensional triangle, and it contains Turkish Mawlid Candy, Turkish Akide Candy and Turkish delight.

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