About Us

Our History

Hacı Musa Oğulları Food Industry and Trade Limited Company It was established in 1995 in Istanbul. He still continues his activities in Istanbul. It operated in the retail sector in the service sector in the first years. He started food production in 1999 as well as the retail industry. With its entry into the food production sector, it put the retail sector into operation in connection with the service sector and focused more on food production.

Our company has registered the KARLIZADE brand with its entry into the food sector and taken it under protection and started to produce confectionery. Previously, it produced only Akide Candy and Mevlana Candy groups. By making sure that traditional tastes are not spoiled while producing, it has succeeded in adding past flavors to its own with the help of past quality masters. Our company, which produces its own standard by working on the standards of its continuous flavors, has adopted the mission of obtaining continuous quality products.

Our company has developed its product range over time and started to produce Measles Candy and Turkish Delight. Currently Hacı Musa Oğulları Food Industry and Trade Limited Company KARLIZADE continues to produce Akide Candy, Mevlana Candy, Measles Candy, Turkish delight and Chocolate under the brand name.

Our Mission

Hacı Musa Oğulları Food Industry and Trade Limited Company, The happiness of its customers comes first. Our company aims to ensure customer satisfaction by carrying past tastes to the future, without sacrificing quality and hygiene, producing traditional products and producing new products according to the needs of the society.

Our Vision

Hacı Musa Oğulları Food Industry and Trade Limited Company as we “Believing that the past tastes have every right in every period from childhood to old age, Identifying past flavors with our brand, gaining more trust and never losing that trust. ”



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